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Fire Blankets And Their Uses

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It’s imperative that each and every homeowner has measures in place to be protected from fires. Fires can be ignited quite easily from a range of different causes so it is vital to be familiar with various evacuation routes if a house fire escalates, in conjunction with having at least one application for putting out a fire to prevent this from taking place. One of the most common causes of house fires are cooking fires, or grease fires, and even though a Wet Chemical fire extinguisher will can extinguish this kind of fire, this blog will have a look at the storage, application, and disposal of fire blankets. Fire blankets are non-flammable material that is extremely effective at extinguishing cooking fires by removing the oxygen that causes the fire to ignite in the first place.


Just like fire extinguishers, fire blankets must be stored in an easily accessible area so if a fire does spark, there are no obstructions that make it hard to gain access to your fire blanket. Fire blankets will commonly be stored in a quick-release compartment or package that is installed in the kitchen area where cooking fires are most likely to materialise. Don't install your fire blanket near the stove or heat top due to the fact that a cooking fire may prevent access to it. Rather, install the fire blanket somewhere near the entry of the kitchen.

How To Extinguish A Cooking Fire

1. Turn off the heat source
The first thing that needs to be done when a cooking fire ignites is to turn off the heat source. Whether or not the cooking fire started from the heat top, oven, or stove, shutting off the heat will decrease the amount of time it takes to suffocate the fire.
2. Remove the fire blanket from the compartment
To remove the fire blanket from the package, pull down on the tabs dangling from the bottom of the package. In most cases, fire blanket containers or packages will have two white tabs, and pulling down on these tabs will instantly release the blanket so you can use it to extinguish the cooking fire.
3. Protect your hands
It is crucial that you protect your hands when attempting to extinguish a fire, so roll the corners of the blanket over your hands so your hands are protected by the fabric. Ideally, you can use flame retardant gloves as a further precaution but only if time permits
4. Place (not throw) the blanket over the fire
As soon as your hands are protected, place the blanket slowly over the fire. It's key that you place the blanket on the nearside of the flames first, and then move in. Do not toss the blanket over the fire as it can cause the fire to spread which only exacerbating the situation. Don't be startled if you see smoke emerging of the blanket, this is natural. Leave the blanket over the fire for a minimum of 15 minutes which is enough time to suffocate the oxygen.
5. Call 000
Whether you extinguish the fire properly or not, you have to call the fire department and ask for emergency assistance. If you're not able to extinguish the fire, evacuate the house prior to phoning the fire department. And even if you successfully extinguish the fire, the fire department has to inspect the fire to make sure that it is completely extinguished and there's no chance of the fire re-igniting.
You must dispose of a fire blanket after it has been used to extinguish a fire. Fire blankets are designed to be used only once, so don't try to reuse it or it simply won’t work. When the fire blanket has reached room temperature, douse the fire blanket in water before disposing of it. After you've used disposed of your fire blanket, it's crucial that you replace it immediately. You never know when a fire will start again, so the sooner you replace your fire blanket, the safer you and your family will be.

Fire blankets are fairly easy to use once you have an understanding of its the correct use and the safety measures that need to be taken when attempting to extinguish a cooking fire. The most important thing to keep in mind is to remain calm if a cooking fire ignites and follow the guide outlined in the above. Fire blankets are very effective at extinguishing Class F cooking fires if used properly. If you don't have any fire blankets at home, then it's highly encouraged that you invest in one to ensure the safety of you and your family. For a selection of affordable fire blankets, call King Fire Protection Services on 1300 658 537, or alternatively visit their website for additional information:


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